Forex Tester – for novice and professional traders

Forex Tester is easy to use but also includes a powerful API for EA programmers:
How Forex Tester can improve your trading results:
Conduct testing to determine the most profitable trading system for you. Don't rely on assumptions! Test your strategy to know for sure! Once you know that a given system actually works, setting up a live trade becomes a matter of routine. There is no longer any reason to miss an opportunity! You can act calmly, but swiftly, because you already know what you are doing!

Forex Tester is all about maximizing your profits and saving you time!

Using Forex Tester makes it easier to interpret current market behaviour, in real time, with fast results. Leveraging the intelligence from such analysis offers up new opportunities which you would surely have missed when using a traditional approach to data analysis. Of equal importance is your ability to use Forex Tester to determine if a trade has become a losing venture. The software provides you with a basis for rational decision-making, to exit trades as soon as it is clear they lead nowhere. By testing your strategy in historical scenarios of market upheavals you learn how to apply sound risk management techniques. This gives you the confidence to trade also in times of extreme market volatility, which offers substantially higher chances of profit.
Forex Tester is flexible and realistic
Trade simulation and hypothetical earnings results become realistic because spreads and swaps can be defined separately for each currency pair. This allows simulation specific your choice of online Forex broker. The advanced data feed includes extensive historical data from various brokers. Training and testing is done within the Forex Tester environment with a high degree of flexibility. Parameters may even be adjusted on-the-fly, without interrupting an on-going simulation! Likewise, multiple EAs / signal inputs can be tested simultaneously, in real time.

Forex Tester was developed by Forex traders for Forex traders!

The developers of this uniquely useful software are Forex traders themselvbes
Save and get back to your tests anytime you want:
One more feature that will boost your efficiency is the way Forex Tester manages project files: You can save the current simulated trading session, load another one and then continue the previous session at a later date. This also helps to manage detailed comparisons of different strategies. The software also allows you to edit, and save color schemes, graphics symbols/icons and indicators so these can be copied to the next chart. This is especially useful when testing one strategy on multiple currencies and multiple timeframes.
Historical data for accurate testing is available FOR FREE
Included with Forex Tester is access to FREE historical data (basic minute data). The free data plan covers the following basic instruments:
  • 14 years of recorded price movement of the Forex currency market (source: 1 broker (Forexite)
  • 16 currency pairs
  • Gold
  • Silver
The free data provided is sufficient to allow you to study and learn the utility value of Forex Tester. There are also two options of a paid historical data plan, allowing you access to the market history of an increased number of online Forex brokers, additional instruments, and – most importantly – higher granularity of data: the VIP level paid includes past FX feeds from a wide selection of 10 mainstream online brokers, a selection of a total of 66 instruments, TICK DATA, and floating spread replay mode. NOTE: The free data is available in table format (.csv, .txt, ASCII, .hst). It could be processed by most Forex software programs, including MT4. Use of the Forex Tester software for processing these  data tables is not specifically required, but highly recommended. To make best use of the paid data plans, purchase of the Forex Tester software is advised, but still not an absolute requirement. You can purchase Forex Tester now, and purchase a data plan later – or you may elect to combine the purchase of Forex Tester and one of the 2 available paid data plans at the checkout page.

A free trial version of Forex Tester is available, download it now on!

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