Forex Tester is a special software designed to simulate trading on the Forex market!
This software allows novice traders to learn how to trade profitably, and enables both inexperienced  and advanced traders to create, test, and refine a trading strategy. This of course applies to trading strategies for manual trading, but also holds for strategies specifically designed for semi-automated or fully automated trading.
Testing and fine-tuning of trading strategies for consistency, enabling steady, and potentially increasing profits!
The simulation and reenactment made possible by the use of this software allows traders to experience the intense and challenging market scenarios in a condensed and focused fashion. The effect is not dissimilar from that experienced by pilots in flight simulators, or military men on maneuvers. By testing your reaction, learning from your mistakes, and practicing your overall alertness and the things to pay attention to, you gain confidence in your strategy. This will be extremely important and useful during live trading, where you need to keep a clear head, and act immediately to squeeze all profit from trading opportunities, while avoiding any costly mistakes in the process!
Fast-track approach to experience and accomplishment in Forex trading!
Forex Tester can likewise be applied to live trading: the gathered statistics allow analysis according to specific parameters. The results of this analysis reveal the actual performance of a given strategy, or trading session. Forex Tester also allows you to keep a trade journal detailing every trade, while minimizing your distraction in the process. The required data is captured and saved using just a few  clicks. You can then export your trade log for additional analysis in universally available programs, such as e.g. an Excel spreadsheet. If you are serious about currency trading, Forex Tester will quickly become an integral part of your professional development as a trader. Many professionals use Forex Tester on a daily basis to develop new strategies and optimize their proven methods according to fluctuating market conditions. The accuracy and flexibility offered by Forex Tester indeed remains without parallel.
Using Forex Tester, estimations and wishful thinking about your trading strategy are a thing of the past!
Forex Tester delivers the hard facts about your strategies. While amateurs have to rely on assumptions, believing what others tell them, you as a professional – aspiring, or established – can now make decisions based on facts.
Stop wasting time and money!
Unprofitable strategies will quickly reveal themselves as such inside the simulations made by Forex Tester. There is no longer any need to lose real money in order to know that it would be gone! Likewise, compared to strategy testing in a demo account, you do not need test your strategy within the restrictions imposed by current market conditions at hand, and at times agonizingly slow real-time market development - factors which drastically limit the validation process of your trading strategy. Instead, pick any scenario or – using historical data – any previous market episode to accelerate your testing in condensed time, or "fast-forward" mode. Instead of wasting time staring at a demo account screen all day you can now get quick results on your proposed strategy, and if it does not work: use the saved time wisely to develop another strategy. And once you found a workable and potentially profitable strategy using Forex Tester there is no time to waste: put that strategy to good use and start making profits! Time is money!
Strategy optimization!
Once you know that your strategy fundamentally has profit potential, it is time to optimize it. This is done using backtesting, with subsequent optimization of trading strategy parameters. Using Forex Tester, you can squeeze every bit of profit out of a fundamentally sound trading approach.
Ideas for new Forex trading strategies!
Once you understand which parameters actually make a strategy work, this basic knowledge can give rise to new strategy development! Forex Tester simulates the Forex market by providing a crisp and clear picture of the reality of the trading scenario at hand: MANUAL TEST MODE allows you to test strategies and hone your trading skills on (simulated) years of data over the course of just a few hours (i.e. hours of real time). This is possible because Forex Tester processes the recorded price movement of the real Forex market (historical data). You can fast forward, pause or skip directly to interesting market episodes. Imagine sharpening your trading skills during the exciting hours of the unfolding financial crisis in 2008! Or learn how to trade profitably in crash scenarios such as major monetary policy announcements, market shake-ups, or ground-breaking developments seen in the years past. Forex Tester allows you to go back to any point of time within the recorded price data, also within your saved testing sessions: You can restore all your open trades, trade history and account balance (of the simulated broker account) for that moment of the simulation!
Buying Forex Tester might be one of the smartest, and most profitable investment decisions you ever make!
Forex Tester is offered with a 30 day money-back-guarantee. Swift and competent customer support by support e-mail system.

A free trial version is available, download it now on!

In case you decide to postpone deployment or would like to switch devices, deinstallation of Forex Tester is easily accomplished, just like for any other software: "Start menu > All programs > Forex Tester > Uninstall Forex Tester".