FXVM™ offers VPS & Dedicated Server platforms specifically designed for Forex trading

All platforms offer:

  • Administration and operation via Windows Remote desktop (already installed on PCs)
  • Choice of server center location – Level3 Braham Street in London / Equinix NY2 IBX® in New York *)
  • Excellent and competent customer service by IT-educated Forex experts, available via chat 24/7 during market hours, and ticketing system
  • Automated backups
  • Choice of Windows 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012 operating systems.

Note: MT4 installations always require a Windows environment (other trading terminals can also be installed)!

  • Substantial savings if booked annually / semi-annually.

*)  Right next door to most online Forex brokers!


Basic criteria for decision-making:

Your basic criteria for decision-making on which offer to choose are the answers to the following questions:

1. – How many MT4s ?
2. – How much data ?
3. – Level of “server privacy” ?



How many separate MT4 installations do you want to run?

The Forex VPS plans offered differ in the number of CPU’s, the available RAM (Random Access Memory) which affects the processing speed of the CPU, as well as the available storage (quoted in GigaBytes, GB … 1 GB is 1000 MegaBytes).

More storage and processing power allows operation and archiving for a higher number of MT4 accounts. This is indeed the primary selection criteria … You select your Forex VPS installation depending on the number of MT4 accounts you want to run!



How much data do you intend to archive, and process?

Historical Data is important for strategy testing, strategy development, and reviewing what went right or wrong. Make sure you have enough space on your VPS to store this data over time. If you need more data space, upgrading is possible at any time.

Important: All accounts allow operation of an unlimited number of Expert Advisors. There are no limitations with respect to the number of installed and/or operating EAs *). Please note that EAs and their accumulated data may also require additional storage space.

*) This notwithstanding it is not advisable to run multiple EAs on one account at one time, as it is likewise not advisable to run one EA on multiple currency pairs. But you can have a wide selection available, ready to deploy one by one, as needed.



What level of “server privacy” do you desire?

A VPS is a partition on one so-called “bare-metal” hardware server. It is shared with other VPS users, and most importantly – in the case of a FXVM™ installation – shared WITH OTHER FOREX TRADERS. The likelihood of encountering unwanted guests (viruses, malware) permeating through the Windows environment from people who use their VPS for games, storage of arbitratry file collections, etc. is drastically reduced.

When selecting real estate, it’s the neighborhood that matters … No different on a Forex VPS!

A Dedicated Server is one complete, separate “bare-metal” piece of hardware. FXVM™ goes beyond the “bare-metal” concept to give you your very own piece of server real estate, fully prepped with a Windows server installation specifically adapted for Forex trading. With a Dedicated Server from FXVM™ you have no IT headaches, and complete privacy!

Compare a VPS to an apartment in a high-rise or condominium complex with a security guard at the main entrance. A Dedicated Server is like your own house, fenced in, and with your own private security guard. Whichever you choose, on FXVM™ server installations your neighbors are like-minded people, and the property management enjoys a good reputation among the Forex trading community! Not only that, the people at FXVM™ really know what they are doing as they share expertise in both Forex, and in IT/server administration.


“Build Your Own” – Custom VPS installation:

Please note that if the standard offers are not an exact match to your requirements, you have the option of ordering a custom installation. You can select the number of MT4 installations (potentially unimited), the server center location London / NYC,  the required processing power, the amount of storage, and – crucially – reserve enough bandwidth to suit your applications.



You can find more details, best-practices, and deployment scenarios about each offer by accessing the relevant pages via buttons in the footer menu, found on any page/post of our site.

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