The Trade Log tool is part of the combo of sophisticated success management tools designed for Forex traders by ForexSmartTools – developers of Premier Money Management tools for the professional Forex industry. The other tool included in the ForexSmartTool combo is the Calculator.

  • Powerful suite of parameters
  • Keep track of what is going on
  • Easy in-depth analysis of each trade
  • See what works and what doesn't
  • Reveals strengths and weaknesses of a given strategy
  • Deployment with any trading system
  • Useful for mastering any trading strategy

This Trade Log tool, together with the Calculator tool, allows you to gain a competitive advantage in mastering the challenges market developments might throw at you at any given moment. In strategy development mode, these tools allow you to learn the secrets used by successful Forex traders.

By using these tools, you will grasp the importance and methodology of correct money management and position sizing, along with careful analysis of trades. The insights offered by the parameters displayed to you unlock opportunities for improvement of your profitability curve, while at the same time revealing the weak points of your trading strategies. Put to proper use, these tools offered by ForexSmartTools are sure make a significant difference in your trading success – and as such, they will pay for themselves in a heartbeat!

One of the most serious issues in terms of operational risk in Forex trading relate to trader fatigue, and alertness. Take the stress out of trading by making all critical information easily accessible and available at your fingertips.

The Trade Log tool, part of the ForexSmartTools combo, is an autonomous PC application designed to display critical information about each stop-loss, take-profit, and risk-to-reward for each individual trade.

Learn how to trade and maximize profits:
Included with the purchase of the tools combo, ForexSmartTools offers privileged access to a library of over 100 in-depth video tutorials