FX Calculator – Features & Functions

  • Set risk profiles to simulate the maximum potential loss on any given trade. This simulation uses live currency exchange rates!
  • Works for spread-betting as well as in traditional broker environment.
  • Displays either correct amount per pip or per position size.
  • Allows the setup of an unlimited number of brokers
  • Easily choose among brokers when planning each trade.
  • Unlimited number of currency pairs, based on the offerings of a given broker.
  • Calculates correct position sizes for complex trading scenarios, such as scaling in or feathering for the purpose of establishing the cost average of a position.
  • Equity figures are automatically updated into the Calculator, using data from MT4 platforms.
  • Suitable for a multitude of trading styles ... cost-averaging / stop-and-reverse / multi-leg positions based on scaling in / straddle, or pending orders ... and much more !
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