EMPEROR Trading Station


Forex trading involves a significant amount of time spent at the trading terminal. This holds for any other trading activity, and a multitude of professions and job descriptions as well. But the fantastic potential profits in Forex trading, paired with potentially huge losses – which may or may not be caused by human error – emphasize the importance of trader alertness, and thus the need for proactive prevention of trader fatigue.

In fact, trader availability – not merely being present at the screen, but concentrating 100% on multiple processes at the same time – is one of the main operational risk factors in Forex trading.

There are solutions to this problem:

Manage your time off-screen!

Only sit at your terminal when things are likely to happen. Critics may argue that you never know when a fantastic profit opportunity might come along, and if you are not at your terminal when it does, you will lose out on the associated profit potential. While this is theoretically true, spending too much time on-screen will leave the trader so worn-out, easily distracted, unable to concentrate, and suffering fatigue, that more losses might be caused by things done or not done at such a moment, than if the terminal had simply been shut off.

You always have the option of leaving your positions open, on an MT4 running on your Forex VPS, while guarding your capital with a delimiter EA. Some potential profits might be lost in one of those moments, but much time will be won in the overall picture, and – most importantly – by way of proper time management, the trader will in fact be alert, and well-rested, able to concentrate 100% during those trading sessions ear-marked by the economic calendar for the highest profit potential: opening/closing of markets, important announcements, etc. etc..

Manage your time on-screen!

When you do sit at your terminal, intently staring at the computer screens, trying to see opportunity, vying for the precisely correct moment to open or close positions so as to squeeze as much profit from the markets as possible, make sure this is quality time, time well spent! It’s a different take on the old adage: “Time is Money!”

There are tools for this job, and one of the most useful tools available is an ergonomically designed trading station manufactured by MWE LAB of Quebec City, Canada. Their impressive list of institutional clients includes IT giants, government agencies, and defense departments the world over. Many Forex traders have also taken a likening to this unique, holistically designed device, aptly named the “Emperor”.

Find out more on their website at mwelab.com

The newest model, the Emperor 1510, is offered with a moderate 4-digit price tag ($USD), while a more luxurious version, the Emperor LX weighs in at a list price slightly above 20k. In any case, this is small change compared to the invested capital, and potential profits you might lose when not paying attention during your trading sessions!

The ergonomically designed Emperor trading station is the best investment you can make in order to mitigate the operational risk of trader fatigue in Forex trading!

Please note that prices quoted apply exclusive of any PC hardware or monitors – these must be purchased separately. And we do have a recommendation for dedicated trading station hardware designed specifically for the needs of traders and financial institutions. Read more on our post about Falcon Trading Systems®, or visit their website:  tradingcomputers.com