To trade Forex, you cannot use just any VPS …

Trading is done on MT4, or another trading platform. These require the installation of a specific Windows server, in combination with specific setup and preparation routines to safely and reliably run multiple MT4 terminals in this Windows server environment. Regular VPS offers you may find online do not include this kind of setup.

Your very own VPS real estate should be booked on a server where the server administrators are familiar with the peculiarities of MT4 installations, and the required Windows server software environment. You want to spend your time trading – no Windows updates, or other IT headaches needed! These things must already be attended to. Not just by some computer geeks, but by dedicated, experienced, and specially trained server administrators who understand IT and the world of Forex trading!

Restriction of access and security is an issue for you *). This is why you need to establish your Forex vault in cyberspace in a location where the people offering VPS services have a reputation to lose. Your VPS should not be the cheapest one out there. People who have a good reputation don’t need to sell cheap.

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You now understand the main advantages of VPS for Forex traders:

  1. UNLIMITED ACCESS from anywhere, any device, anytime
  2. Terminal is ALWAYS ON *)
  3. LIGHTNING-FAST internet speed

Even more important, you now realize the specific selection criteria for a true FOREX VPS:

– A FOREX VPS needs to be running Windows server, and remote desktop applications
– A FOREX VPS must be specifically set up & ready for multiple parallel MT4 installations

But there is one additional, EXTREMELY CRITICAL reason why FOREX traders need a VPS …