Development and testing of a trading strategy, be it for Forex or other instruments, must be done using RELIABLE AND ACCURATE HISTORICAL DATA.

For this purpose, the software developers at Forex Tester make legacy data available to all interested parties. Purchasing the Forex Tester software is a substantial advantage, but not an absolute requirement when using this data.

Legacy chart data is made available for a multitude and variety of instruments:

  • 30 major currency pairs, also crosses, and exotics
  • Indices (S&P 500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones Industrials)
  • Commodities
  • Stocks (9 most popular stocks)
  • Precious metals (gold and silver)

This data is sourced from 9 forex brokers, most of which are widely known and used.

The data repository covers the last 14 years of data, and – depending on the selected plan – is available as "minute data", or additionally as the coveted, and highly accurate "tick data".

The Forex Tester people offer this data in 3 different plans:

Basic plan: FREE
1-minute historical data from 1 broker (Forexite) (monthly updates)

Standard plan: monthly subscription
1-minute historical data from a total of 9 of the most popular brokers (includes ECN-brokers, daily updates)

VIP plan: monthly subscription – TICK DATA !
tick data from a total of 9 of the most popular brokers (includes ECN-brokers, daily updates). This data is supplied inclusive of floating spread data – perfect for Scalping, News-Trading, most realistic simulation for backtesting, and strategy development.

Imagine honing your trading skills by replaying the most exciting episodes of the financial crisis of 2008/2009 over and over again. Or select any other period of market turmoil, or event representing a market upheaval, such as for example the infamous SNB annoucement in early 2015. Using the data supplied by Forex Tester, in combination with the uniquely advanced Forex Tester software, you can become a confident, highly skilled, profitable, and successful Forex trader within record time!

By testing your strategy on data for the most volatile instruments outside of the realm of the Forex market, revealing comparisons and RoI calculations are obtained.

In addition to the provided data, you have the option of uploading your own data into the Forex Tester software environment.

Data is provided in table formats, compatible with file endings: .csv, .txt, ASCII, .hst . As a result, the data may also be uploaded to MT4. The Forex Tester software reads these databases to provide dynamic data access and processing.

The Forex Tester software is available as a FREE DEMO VERSION on forextester.com ... which you may put to good use with the Basic FREE DATA plan immediately.

Rapid backtesting software

Forex Tester allows faster testing than any other software. It saves time and provides much more solid results. Broker terminals such as MT4 are good for live trading but they were never designed for strategy testing or development. The Forex Tester software was conceived specifically for this purpose, opening up a wealth of opportunities for learning, improvement, validation, discovery ... and PROFIT !

A plethora of graphics implements

Forex Tester allows the use of trend, horizontal, vertical and poly lines. Likewise, there is dedicated support for all of the Fibonacci instruments such as retracements, extensions, fans, arcs and time zones. Visual recognition is of paramount importance: Forex Tester provides a unique and easy method for marking charts.