Operational risk

Operational risk in Forex trading accounts for the entire werewithal involved in allowing the actual execution of trades to take place …


RISK: Trading terminal security – HARDWARE

SOLUTION: >>>   Skip the hardware issues and get a Forex VPS

The dedicated private server solution is very much recommended!


RISK: Trading terminal security – SOFTWARE & APPLICATIONS

Your trading terminal on a local home or office computer is generally far more vulnerable than if the terminal was placed on a remote Forex VPS, allowing you access and full control via Remote Desktop Application. On your trading terminal, employ useful software to copy the most profitable of trades to your accounts:

SOLUTION: >>> Forex Copier Software for profitable trading

You can also test and analyze your trading strategies, before exposing your capital to any risk, by using this application:

SOLUTION: >>> Forex Strategy Testing Software for advanced trading analysis


RISK: Internet connection security & internet speed, regardless of location

When on the road, away from your desk, or away on a spur-of-the-moment vacation or business trip, enjoy reliable connectivity and reasonable roaming charges also applicable  to data tarrifs. All this is available within one global solution to stay connected:

SOLUTION: >>> Global SIM cards @ data tarrif

This prepaid SIM card solution allows you to switch – on demand – between billing based on online time, and online data volume. Access 1000s of WiFi hotspots worldwide with one set of user details. And your data traffic is tunneled via proprietary VPN anywhere in the world, regardless of any local internet restrictions that may be in place.

The Forex VPS solution also comes into its own in this regard: viewing your account remotely, via Remote Desktop Application, requires far less bandwidth than communication between your locally installed MT4 and the brokerage company servers would. So to monitor your account on the Forex VPS while you are on some fantasy island enjoying the good life, you can switch to the most economical roaming option: billing by online time only.


RISK: Trader availability

You cannot sit at your terminal 24/7/365. Spending too much time on-screen actually endangers your trading capital far more than necessary: You lose concentration, increasing the likelihood of misjudgments and careless mistakes.

Manage your actual time investment in Forex trading by using the economic calendar. Trade only when important events are liable to trigger market movements. Otherwise play it safe, and use EAs to close positions when things get too hot. The Forex Copier Software also has functions to control your trading 24/7, and help to avoid losses due to lack of attention by the trader.

Most importantly, spread your trading capital across multiple accounts. One or maximum two of these accounts you may trade yourself, the others are traded 24/7 by multiple Signals / EAs / or as Managed accounts! A Forex VPS allows you to do exactly this! So get your Forex VPS today, prepare for profits, and relax!

SOLUTION: >>> Get your Forex VPS today

Forex trading should be rewarding, not only in the financial sense. Succeed in Forex trading, and move up the ladder. You can start by signing up for one of our Forex Trader Competitions.


RISK: trader welfare & concentration

Trading during market sessions with high activity is extremely stressful. You need to stay fit, to be up to the task. This means planning your time wisely, and making sure you have enough quality time away from your desk, and distant from any computer screen. Make the time spent looking at charts, figures, and news analyses worthwhile … in the truest sense of the word! A dedicated ergonomic top-of-the-line trading terminal, of course connected directly to your Forex VPS via Remote Desktop Application, has become extremely popular with traders who trade their own accounts, and want to stay profitable over time:

SOLUTION: >>>  The Emperor – integrated ergonomic trading terminal

Operational risk in Forex trading is very easy to reduce, or even eliminate. There is no excuse for losing a trade due to issues of operational mismanagement!

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