Falcon Trading Systems®

Always in the Fast Lane! Modern computers are reasonably reliable machines, and many Forex Traders choose to run their MT4 from a home PC – thinking they never had a problem. On this website we speak extensively about the requirement for a fast and reliable internet connection to transmit data between your trading terminal, and […]

Reverse Copying – Profit from losing trades!

What is reverse-copying of trades in FX? Forex trading involves a high degree of risk. It is said that more than 97% of all Forex traders eventually lose their money. This is usually due to a misunderstanding about the nature of Forex trading on the part of novices, improper risk management techniques, and ill-advised (or […]

Forex Tester – for novice and professional traders

Forex Tester is easy to use but also includes a powerful API for EA programmers: MANUAL TRADING SYSTEM COMBINED STRATEGIES AUTOMATED TRADING SYSTEM How Forex Tester can improve your trading results: Conduct testing to determine the most profitable trading system for you. Don’t rely on assumptions! Test your strategy to know for sure! Once you […]