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Modern computers are reasonably reliable machines, and many Forex Traders choose to run their MT4 from a home PC – thinking they never had a problem.

On this website we speak extensively about the requirement for a fast and reliable internet connection to transmit data between your trading terminal, and your broker’s system.

That is why it is advisable to operate your MT4 from a Forex VPS, located in closest proximity to major online forex brokers’ server centers, and linking directly to high-speed internet transmission back bones. With this setup you are operating your MT4 through a Remote Desktop facility, moderating  the amount of bandwidth required between your home or office PC.

Your computer must perform all actions as fast as conceivably possible!

It makes little sense to worry about reducing execution slippage to near zero when the signal hits a serious bottleneck after it reaches your own machine. The significance of this issue is of course even more apparent when traders choose to run their MT4 or other trading terminal, such as NINJATRADER®, cTrader, MultiCharts, and MetaStock® from their own machine at home or at the office.

Whether your terminal runs from your local machine or a Forex VPS, in an era of split-second decision-making, algorithmic trading, high-frequency trading, expert advisors (EAs), semi-automated, and fully automated trading, a slow computer should never keep a successful Forex trader from making potential profits a reality!

But mainstream computers are simply slow. They are OK for the purposes these machines are regularly being used. When the boss e-mails his secretary to bring some coffee, a few nano-seconds more or less do not matter! But let’s be realistic, would you enter a Formula 1 race in a Chrysler K-Car?

There are people out there, who have dealt with this issue, and build the fastest and most reliable dedicated trading station hardware which money can buy! Even better, the same technological super-charging is also available for laptops – perfect for those Forex traders who frequently find themselves on-the-go.

Trading Computers by Falcon Trading Systems® are designed from the ground up to extract maximum performance from today’s high-powered Intel processors. As an Intel Gold partner, the company has been designing and building monitor arrays for desktops, and dedicated laptop trading computers for now more than 6 years. Their products are put to most profitable use by clients the world over, with the company serving its customers from headquarters and representative offices in North America and Europe.

The machines designed by Falcon Trading Systems® feature customized motherboards purpose-built from the ground up for processing speed and robust performance. Paired with this foundation are the most powerful Intel processors available today. Most importantly, these processors are used to their full potential, as a roughly four-fold increase in the number of voltage regulators serves to stabilize voltage supply to the actual system.

Trading Computers by Falcon Trading Systems® certainly give you a better chance to see a tick on a chart when it’s actually happening, while enabling you to react instantly. Exterminate execution slippage during transmission, on your terminal, and on the devices you use to connect!

If you want to aim high, go with the pros, and get a Falcon trading computer! Visit tradingcomputers.com

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