**) What is an interest-graph? And what is interest-graph-tracking?

Your bank, which also issues your regular credit cards, has all your personal data. Somewhere in their database your personal data is paired with your credit card number. This set of data is supposed to stay secret.

When you use your credit card, or debit card, merchants also receive your personal data, paired with the credit card number. Merchants are likewise obliged to keep this paired data secret.

Despite the best intentions of all parties involved, databases get hacked, or sold by corrupt managers or disgruntled employees. Numerous other white-hat and black-hat scenarios abound, which play the content of such databases into the hands of huge data mining companies.

Their business is to sell information about what you like, to any interested parties. The sum total of all your transactions on one card yields a surprisingly detailed picture of what you do, where you go, what you like, etc.. This picture is known as an “interest-graph”. Your name is not so important, the credit card number is. Whenever that number reappears somewhere, contracting agents and merchants can pull up your “interest-graph” and then decide what to do with you.

You can torpedo such designs! Your NET+ plastic, and also the available virtual cards, are perfectly suited for this purpose! By using different credit cards for different kinds of purchases you leave the interest-graph incomplete in each case, while banking on the fact that competing data mining companies are unlikely to cross-reference their data, i.e. unlikely to match up multiple cards under one name in one file.

An even better alternative is to simply upload funds to your Neteller account, and pay online using Neteller, and not your credit card. This assumes the merchant accepts Neteller payments. More and more merchants do. Numerous online Forex brokers do.

When receiving funds, have them deposited to your Neteller account, and use your NET+ Prepaid MasterCard at any ATM to withdraw cash!

Cash is in fact still accepted as legal tender at most points of sale … and the neat fact is that only the Central Bank president’s name is written on it – not yours. The “interest-graph” will remain incomplete, and for all intents and purposes useless for any interested third parties seeking to profit from the sale of your personal data without your knowledge or consent. By the way, the file with your name on it at the Utah NSA data center will also remain at best fragmentary, and useless all the same.

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