LITE – Forex VPS

Best suited as a personal account for novice traders who want to safely manage their trading account from a choice of  devices, and while on the road.

Accommodates a maximum of 2 MT4 accounts, and allows operation of Expert Advisors.

If you only have 1 trading account, and your trading capital is not more than lower 5-digit figures, then this is a good Forex VPS account to get you started. Upgrade at any time, on-demand.

Performance parameters: 640MB RAM, with 1 CPU Core, and 25GB of online storage     

Another option would be to operate a separate account - for example a client's account - from this lightweight VPS platform, and copy a signal (be it from human trading, semi-automated, or algorithmic trading) from another account running an EA, such account being placed on another, larger Forex VPS platform. The signal could be copied easily using the free Add-On Forex Remote Copier that comes with the Forex Copier software, and your client would have full access to this separate VPS via Remote Desktop, without interfering with your main operations on a larger Forex VPS platform.

Please note that the Forex VPS platform itself is not limited to installations of only MetaTrader 4 (MT4)  – you can install any type of trading terminal you want!

Substantial savings for bi-annual subscription payments offered!

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