Economic calendar

The economic calendar is one of the most important information resources for any trader … and due to the higher profit potential in the Forex market, it is arguably of highest significance in Forex trading. In war, more than 90% of the time is spent waiting, and being hungry. Fortunately, in FX trading, things are […]

Forex trading profits

The world of Forex (Foreign Exchange) Trading offers fantastic profit opportunites, at considerable potential risk. As with any investment, profit potential and risk go hand in hand: an increase in potential profits always entails an increase of latent risk. This is a general rule, however the two entities are not necessarily subject to linear increase. […]

Fast-paced trading environment

All the excitement about server latency, and execution slippage is well-founded. Much of the institutional trading nowadays is automated via algorithms, aiming to squeeze profit out of the most minute and blink-of-an-eye chart movements. The frequency fog of multiple algorithms may cancel out, lest their respective forecasted chart movements overlap and generate a virtual resonating […]