Expert Advisors

An Expert Advisor, not to be mistaken for a human specimen of any kind, is the name given to bits of software installed on MT4 trading platform, written in the proprietary MT4 programming language (file ending “.mql”). Some traders call an Expert Advisor (short: “EA”) a trading robot, and this is not far from the […]

Economic calendar

The economic calendar is one of the most important information resources for any trader … and due to the higher profit potential in the Forex market, it is arguably of highest significance in Forex trading. In war, more than 90% of the time is spent waiting, and being hungry. Fortunately, in FX trading, things are […]

Forex trading profits

The world of Forex (Foreign Exchange) Trading offers fantastic profit opportunites, at considerable potential risk. As with any investment, profit potential and risk go hand in hand: an increase in potential profits always entails an increase of latent risk. This is a general rule, however the two entities are not necessarily subject to linear increase. […]